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  • 12 Soulful Gift ideas that are anything but cliché

    12 Soulful Gift ideas that are anything but cliché-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    For most of us, choosing a gift for the holidays brings headaches. With more and more options, the task of getting a thoughtful gift for our family and friends doesn’t seem any easier. Boring and regular gifts just can’t complement the festival joy. 


    That’s why we’ve rounded up 12 soulful and thoughtful gifts that your loved ones will need and ADORE. 

    If you are trapped in this year’s gift hunting, take a look at these options:


    Birthstone Jewelry

    Each birthstone has its own healing properties. Some provide protection while others bring luck, making it a unique gift.



    Having trouble picking the right crystal? Check out our last blog How to choose a crystal for someone else. 


    Crystal Jewelry 

    Rose Quartz brings self-love and confidence. Moonstone helps to eliminate anxiety with positivity. Amethyst is known for its calming power. Amazonite balances feminine energy and Garnet is a natural energizer. 


    Crystal Gift Sets 


    Gem water bottle 


    Serpentine and Lapis Lazuli bowl  


    Fluorite Crystal Carved animals 


    Enhydro Agate

    These crystals usually grow in or around water tables. They form in skeletal layers and then trap the water inside the crystal Enhydro Crystals contain water that’s over a hundred million years old! The water inside Enhydro Crystals is free of contaminants of mankind’s industrial pollution. This makes it an ideal crystal to use if you’re seeking for the purity of the mind, body, or soul. You can meditate with an Enhydro Crystal with the objective of connecting with the divine plan. 


    Back flow incense burner


    Rose Quartz Karuna Reiki Oval Set


    Tibetan Singing Bowl 


    Moldavite Jewelry 

    Moldavite is a form of tekite formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth. Moldavite is a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with earth. It is found on the banks of the river Moldau and is unlikely to be discovered anywhere else in the world. Moldavite will eventually become extinct. Some people believe that it came to earth to aid in the earth's transition and healing and that the time has come to use Moldavites energies. It enhances the effect of other crystals. Wearing jewelry which contains Moldavite is thought to bring positive life changes while holding it can aid in meditation, dream work, and telepathy. It is believed to be an incredibly powerful stone for transformation, bringing about the changes necessary for growth. It is also a highly protective stone, sheltering the user from negative energy. Moldavite can often enhance intuition. 

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