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  • Anxiety Run Amok

    Anxiety Run Amok-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    Anxiety sometimes runs amok in me. Once it grabs hold, the worries flood in, and my mind travels from one worry to the next. Like a runaway freight train, it just races through my mind and body. Nervous, fearful, heart racing, it’s certainly not shy about making its presence known.

    Would you be surprised to know that anxiety is something of an epidemic in our society? More than 40 million adults suffer from some form of anxiety, 18% of the American population. It’s not an anxiety that is proportional to the event but instead jumps overboard into a river of it. Some people even suffer from panic attacks and in some situations get shaky, panicky, dizzy and feel an overwhelming desire to flee a situation. I have experienced this firsthand. It’s an awful feeling and not one you want to repeat.
    There are a great many ideas on how to deal with anxiety, but everyone must discover what works best for them. In my experience, meditating with crystals and wearing certain crystal jewelry has been effective for me. Just holding certain crystals can quiet my worries.
    The crystals I use to help my anxiety include; lepidolite, lithium quartz, citrine, amethyst, orange calcite and green aventurine. Lithium quartz in a special form, is contained in some mental health medications. Lepidolite contains lithium quartz although I find lepidolite’s purple color much more appealing. I have a lovely beaded lepidolite bracelet I wear when I know I’m going to be in an anxious situation. Just touching the beads calms my mind. Citrine is my sunshine stone and makes the world seem more joyful. It’s a wonderful stone to meditate with. Green aventurine helps establish a calm state of mind. I usually carry one in my purse. Orange calcite boosts confidence and has earned pride of place next to my favorite chair. Often, I just lay on my bed and hold these stones while thinking of being in a calm bubble. They have been a huge help to me and many others. If anxiety becomes totally overwhelming that’s when it’s good to go to the doctors to get professional help.
    Cosmic Crystal Visions sells Anti-Anxiety Kits that contain stones and jewelry to help with anxiety. I like putting them together because I get to throw in my favorite anti-anxiety stones, relaxing incense, bath salts, comfort tea, a soothing candle, dream catcher and of course a lepidolite bracelet. It’s a wonderful way to deal with anxiety run amok and turn the energy into a feeling of soothing, calm. We all need an oasis of peace to turn to in these hectic, anxious times.



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