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  • Boosting Self-Confidence with Crystals

    Boosting Self-Confidence with Crystals-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    So many of us struggle with self-confidence.  Perhaps you were bullied as a child or are belittled by people currently in your life.  These incidents take a toll on how we view ourselves.  These is nothing more important to your happiness than to realize you are a worthwhile person who matters and is worthy of respect and joy.  Think about when you were a child and marveled at the beauty of your hands and of your unique qualities and the way you abandoned yourself to the joy of the moment.  Never wondering if you were good enough.  You can recapture that feeling again by stepping outside yourself and seeing the good in you. And there is good in you.  I like to hold my favorite crystals and say aloud, “I am a worthwhile human being who deserves happiness”.  The crystals remind me of my intentions and generate confidence building energies.  Some crystals are better than others to build your self-confidence.

    My three favorite crystals for building my self-worth are spirit quartz, cinnabar and opal.  Spirit Quartz is a beautiful sparkling crystal with a purple tinge.  Spirit Quartz is found only in the Magaliesberg Mountain Region of South Africa. First appearing around 2001. It is known as a crystal of harmony and alignment. It is spiritually uplifting, radiating high vibrational energy in all directions. It aligns the Aura and Chakras.  It gives you freedom from anxiety.  Freeing you from all the worries of the judgement of others.  As it lifts you spiritually you can recapture the joy of your early childhood.  I keep a piece of spirit quartz next to my bed.  That way when my mind reviews the day I don’t think of the mistakes I made but the good I did.

    Cinnabar is another favorite crystal for self-confidence.  Cinnabar attracts abundance.  It aids in accomplishing one’s endeavors.  It invests a person with power and dignity.  Cinnabar releases energy blockages and aligns the energy center.  It imparts strength and flexibility to the physical body.   The power and dignity of Cinnabar encourages you to rise above the slings and arrows of the past or present.  You will feel your power and become yourself without apology but with dignity and self-confidence.  I have a lovely necklace I wear with cinnabar.

    Opal is another favorite for self-confidence.  Opal is a delicate stone with a fine vibration.  It induces psychic and mystical visions.  It aids in expressing one’s true self.  It is a karmic stone teaching you that your actions do return to you.  It is said that Opal is a protective stone making you invisible to your enemies.  Opal is associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism.  Opal strengthens the will to live. By becoming your true self, you learn to appreciate the wonder of you.  You become less of a target to those who would belittle you. Opal envelops you are in a protective aura. I have lovely opal earrings I wear before being around people who have in the past drained my feelings of self-worth.

    With the right attitude, intentions and the help of crystals take back the self-confidence you were born with.  The confidence and dignity that belongs to every human.  You are a worthwhile person and must live like it.


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