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    Crystal Grids-Cosmic Crystal Visions
    Crystal grids combine the power of healing stones with sacred geometry to direct energy towards a specific goal or purpose. The crystals are then activated with your intention and energy to create a strengthened focused intention. Crystal grid layouts can often be more powerful than using a single stone or crystal, and are therefore extremely beneficial to place throughout your home. The energy of the crystals, the geometric pattern and your intention all work as one energy towards a common goal. Crystal Grids help to manifest your goals and intentions faster.

    Tools for Making Crystal Grids:
    ~ A location for your grid in your home
    ~ A small piece of paper with your intention or goal written on it
    ~ A center crystal.
    ~ Crystals that align with your intention
    ~ A crystal grid energy cloth (optional, but we find that it enhances the energy!)

    Crystal Grid Layout Process:

    The first step to making a crystal grid layout is deciding on what goal or intention you are looking to manifest.
    Choose crystals and stones that are aligned with your intention and that will enhance it. There are no right and wrong stones to use; choose the ones that you are the most attracted to. Trust your intuition
    Write your intention on a piece of paper. Then fold your written intention and place it in the center of your crystal grid cloth.
    Breathe deeply and state your intention aloud, or visualize it in your mind.
    Set up the surrounding stones in your crystal grid layout. Start from the exterior and move towards the center. As you are placing each stone into your crystal grid, make sure you keep your intention in mind.
    Place your center crystal on top of your written intention.

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