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  • Crystals, Oh Which One For Me!

    Crystals, Oh Which One For Me!-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    Walk into a crystal shop and after a while your head spins.  Buy me, no buy me, which one to buy?  If only I could just buy the store and solve that problem.

    How do you determine which crystal is for you?  Sure you may be fooled by a pretty face but crystals are so much more than pretty.  They are really about how each one makes you feel.  And yes, they do effect your mood.   Give me Citrine on a rainy day and I just may smile.   And how grateful I am for Silicon as I type this on my LCD screen (powered of course by the crystal Silicon).   Quartz will not only energize you, it energizes your watch!

    Which crystal you ask is for you.   Walk around the crystal store and listen to the crystal that’s seems to speak to you.   Your body often pulls you in the direction of your needs.  Feeling lonely, maybe that’s why you keep eyeing the Rose Quartz which attracts love.  Or perhaps you just feel off balance, don’t be surprised if Black Tourmaline doesn’t beckon you and ground you at the same time.  I always fall prey to Jasper.   Healing old emotional wounds no doubt.

    Let your intuition guide you to a crystal and then research that crystal.  Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t lead to an aha moment as you realize it has the healing aspect you need most.    After you have found your match for that  particular time in your life, carry it, wear it as jewelry or just keep it next to your bed.

    In a few days, you should start feeling the effects and a sense of balance.   It won’t change your life overnight but it will give you an encouraging push in the right direction.   At least until the next time you get an urge to visit a crystal store and see what beckons.



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