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  • Crystals to Help You When Mercury Is in Retrograde

    Crystals to Help You When Mercury Is in Retrograde-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    Have you noticed that communications have gotten a little rocky and people don’t quite seem to get you?  It’s that pesky Mercury’s fault.  For three weeks Mercury appears to be traveling in backwards motion.  On March 23rd through April 15th Mercury is in retrograde.  This happens approximately three and even sometimes four times a year.  Mercury is known as the messenger governing communications.

     This is the time to put extra effort in making sure people are receiving your communications and you are being understood.   Carefully review any contracts you sign (you might even want to hold off signing contracts during this period).  There is so much room for error.  Don’t be surprised if emails seem to go missing.  Or if innocent remarks lead to a fight.  You may have difficulty understanding other people.  Before you take a vow of silence, you will be happy to know there is help at hand.

    Throughout this trying time be sure to reach for your communication crystals.  This is the time to brush off your emeralds, blue lace agate, fluorite, amazonite and aquamarine.    Emeralds help smooth communication.  Blue Lace Agate assists with calm communication.  Fluorite balances thinking.  Amazonite leads to harmony in communication.  And Aquamarine enhances clear communication.  Be sure to put at least a few of them in your purse or pocket.  They will be of huge assistance in communicating and thinking carefully about choosing your words.

    There is a positive side to Mercury in Retrograde.  It reminds us to be clear in communication, choose our words wisely and give people the benefit of the doubt in their communications.  Are there really any times these attributes would go amiss? 



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