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    Healing Crystals-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    Healing Crystals have been used since ancient times to aid in healing many ailments in a non-intrusive manner.  They work through resonance and vibration.  Some crystals work by sedating an over-active organ or stimulating an under-active organ.  Crystals work in a holistic manner, addressing physical, spiritual, emotional and mental areas.

    For the last 5000 years, the Chinese have incorporated crystals in their healing practices including acupuncture with its crystal tipped needles. Ayurvedic medicine has been used in India since ancient times and continues to be used today.  It promotes the use of many natural materials including herbs, minerals, metals and diet.  In western medicine, we are seeing the adoption of crystals in the use of ultrasounds and laser therapy.  In holistic medicine, crystals are quite popular based on their ability to address physical and emotional healing needs.

    Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration.  They are used extensively in modern technology.  Clocks, calculators and fiber optic phone lines to name a few.  The energy produced by crystals closely resembles the energy produced by humans.  Blockages in our energy waves is believed to cause many illnesses and the energy of crystals may be used to unblock that energy.  Emotionally, unblocking the chakras, aura and energy field around us can help free us from imbalances of the mind, body and emotions.

    Pain, a signal that something is wrong with a body can be alleviated with a cool calming crystal such as rose quartz.  Stress headaches are soothed by amethyst, amber or turquoise. Sometimes discomfort can be caused by worries such as money concerns.  Citrine which attracts abundance would be very helpful in calming concerns about money.  You can lay crystals around or on your body for ten to thirty minutes to stimulate healing.  Cosmic Crystal Visions offers a wonderful reference guide to assist in learning the healing attributes of various crystals.

    Certainly, crystals are not a substitute for professional treatment such as a medical doctor, but they have a wonderful place in the healing profession.  Crystals offer a holistic approach to healing which is quite appealing and may be used in conjunction with medical treatment.  Healing crystals are experiencing a renaissance in treating body, spirit and mind.
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