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  • Healing Crystals to Attract Wealth

    Healing Crystals to Attract Wealth-Cosmic Crystal Visions

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help in attracting wealth?  Sending the right energy into the universe comes back to us in many wonderful ways.  Healing crystals are a wonderful way to attract wealth.  Three crystals have a reputation for attracting wealth and prosperity; Pyrite, Peridot and Citrine. 

    Pyrite is a fantastic stone for attracting wealth. Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold because it looks like gold but not as yellow.  It doesn’t leave a streak of yellow as gold would but instead a streak of gray.  In Greek, Pyrite means fire because striking two pieces of pyrite together sparks!  It gives us a strong push of energy that helps with our willpower.   Pyrite influences our mindset with an earning mindset.  When you need a take-action energy pyrite is the stone for you.  Carry a small piece with you to keep you in the right mindset.

    Peridot is not only beautiful it attracts abundance and prosperity.  It influences growth and has a prosperity energy.  As an additional benefit it encourages good health.  I tend to wear a lot of Peridot  jewelry, it’s just such a lovely stone and has such a beautiful vibration. 

    Citrine is the most well-known stone for attracting wealth.  It’s also known as the merchant’s stone.  For centuries, merchants have been keeping it next to their cash registers or money drawers.  Citrine sends out energy to attract and collect money.  It encourages us to be better at saving and spending money more wisely.  Citrine gives us stronger will power.  You can carry a piece with you or wear it in jewelry.  There are two types of Citrine, Natural and Heated Amethyst.  You can work with both types, but Natural Citrine has a stronger energy. 

    The next time you feel in need of increasing your wealth pick up some Pyrite, Peridot or Citrine or all three!  Sending the right vibration out into the universe can come back to us in many delightful ways.  Healing crystals are not only beautiful they help us in so many ways. 

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