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  • How to choose a crystal for someone else

    How to choose a crystal for someone else
    It has long been said that to give is better than to receive. While it’s true that there is nothing quite like seeing the face of someone you love light up at the sight of your gift, the stress of scouring stores and online products for that perfect gift can make the act of giving less fun than it should be. It’s undoubtedly this dilemma which leads many to have the same thought cross their mind this time of year:
    But, how to choose a crystal, the right crystal, for someone else? Like purchasing the right crystal for yourself, it’s all about intuition. Though all gifting requires intuitive choices, gifting a crystal for someone else also forces you to contemplate your relationship with that person, what’s going on in their life, and what energy you think can best improve their spirit. Though this process is more in depth than simply picking up a bottle of their favorite perfume, it can also be more redeeming to know the love and meaning that went into the crystal you selected for that person. 
    Where to Start: How to Choose a Crystal
    The number one thing that you have to do when preparing to give a crystal as a gift, is to take a moment to think about that person. What’s going on in their life? If you could infuse their life with any energy, what would it be? Do you want to give them something that symbolizes your relationship together? This gift should be given with intention, so it’s important that you select it with intention as well.
    Rose Quartz for Lovers, Nurturers + Light Hearted Spirits
    The people who would benefit from receiving rose quartz are endless because rose quartz is the gift of love and who couldn’t use more of that? Rose Quartz is the perfect gift to give to someone in your family, or to someone who you consider as close as family. This stone infuses bonds with loving energy, so if you’re looking to show your love for your mother, your sister or your best friend, you can’t do better than rose quartz crystal. It’s also a great stone for women who have recently given birth, as it lends love, compassion and patience to their nurturing journey.
    For those people in your life who are looking for love, the gift of rose quartz can provide reassurance of the love they possess and should have for themselves. This stone helps to attract the energy of love in ways we never expect, so it can be just the energy to give someone to uplift their perspectives on love and life.   
    Selenite for Meditators + Light Seekers
    If you know someone who’s been stressed out this year, and you’re wondering how to choose a crystal they’d benefit from, gifting them balance and hope in the form of selenite can be just what their spirit needed to relax and look forward to the year ahead. Helping to bring blessings of harmony and purification, selenite cleanses and grounds the soul with positivity. That’s what makes it such a go-to stone for those who meditate.
    Pyrite for Money Makers
    For that person who’s always handled themselves like a boss, enhance the power of their potential with pyrite. As a bringer of abundance, the energy that pyrite inspires can infuse a loved one with the energy they need to break through into a new stage of success. Beneficial for anyone looking to make large strides in their personal progress, pyrite will help those tuned into its energy to stop thinking and start doing!
    Amethyst for Relaxation Lovers
    Help a loved one to clear the air, and find comfort within their mind and space. If you have a friend who has trouble listening to their gut, and doing what they need for themselves, amethyst can be the perfect energy to embolden their convictions. This happy stone beckons the soul to find its place solace. For those needing to relax and discover their joy, the gift of amethyst can’t arrive soon enough. Amethyst absorbs the negative energy surrounding it, and radiates out purified positivity. So for the friend whose environment could use a beautiful energy purifier, amethyst is your go-to stone.
    Amazonite for Artists + Creative Spirits
    Amazonite boosts creative output and assists in toppling those stubborn creative blocks, which makes it the perfect stone for artists. Any friend whose creativity you’d like to support and enhance will appreciate the amazonite meaning. With a fluid essence, amazonite promotes a flow of energy, thoughts, ideas and communication. By soothing the mind and spirit, amazonite introduces a tranquility that helps creative spirits to forget about their blocks and just breathe deeper.
    Fluorite for Blessings
    Fluorite is the perfect gift to give the host of a party. If you want to bestow blessings and positivity on a home and host, gift them a fluorite point. It’s more unique than a bottle of wine, and something that they can continue to enjoy in the decor of their home for years to come.
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