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Meet The Owner


Megan Higgins

Throughout the years, we have collected crystals because of their beauty. We noticed that, while holding these crystals, they gave us feelings of peace and tranquility. The more we learned about crystals, the more we realized that the peace and calm wasn't just because of their incredible loveliness—it was also because of the energy that radiates out from them. Examples of these genuine healing crystals are rose quartz, which diffuses warmth, and moldavite, which emanates high energy levels. 

At Cosmic Crystal Visions, we decided to combine our love of genuine healing crystals with our love of people. We opened our healing crystal store in St. Augustine, FL, as a labor of love. There truly is nothing better than to follow your passions. It's a wonderful feeling to carefully choose a crystal for its beauty and healing properties and pass that on to another. We include gifts with purchases because we enjoy the thought of your happiness. Living in the small coastal town of Saint Augustine, Florida, we know that we are truly lucky to be able to pursue our passion in a balmy climate with beautiful beaches. We have bachelor’s degrees in marketing and have years of experience in marketing products and, most importantly, working with people.  We hope to pass the happiness of our St. Augustine, FL, healing crystals shop on to you.

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