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Amethyst, Citrine, & Iolite Free Form Pendant-Jewlery-Cosmic Crystal Visions-Cosmic Crystal Visions

Amethyst, Citrine, & Iolite Free Form Pendant

Cosmic Crystal Visions


Gorgeous Amethyst, Citrine & Iolite Free Form Pendant.  Sterling Silver. Measures 1 1/2” in length with bale, 1” in length without bale and 3/4” wide.   

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience. The healing properties of Amethyst are many. It cleanses the aura and stimulates the throat and crown chakras. Blocking geo-pathic stress and relieving physical and emotional pain, the Amethyst also treats insomnia. People have been known to put it under their pillow for out of body experiences. Being one of the most spiritual stones it encourages spiritual wisdom. Amethyst boosts the production of hormones and fine tunes the endocrine and metabolism. The emotional centering of the Amethyst makes it especially valuable. Traditionally, it was worn to prevent drunkenness and helps decrease general overindulgence and physical passions, supporting sobriety. It helps you feel more focused, enhancing memory and motivation. The Amethyst helps balance out highs and lows, helping with emotional centering and dispelling rage, fear and anxiety. It alleviates grief. A wonderful stone in so many ways.

Citrine is an excellent stone for energizing and recharging. It has the power to impart joy to all. This is a crystal that never needs cleansing. It absorbs and dissipates negative energies. It is an aura protector, acting as an early warning system so one can protect oneself. Citrine has the ability to cleanse the chakras especially the solar plexus chakra and the navel chakra. It activates the crown chakra and encourages intuition. Citrine is a happy generous stone, attracting abundance and encouraging one to share in one's good fortune. Raising self-confidence, it removes self-destructive tendencies. It is excellent for overcoming depression. Overcoming fear and encouraging joy of life. Citrine reverses degenerative diseases, aids digestion, and stimulates the pancreas. Wonderful for menopausal symptoms. Bring sunshine into your life with Citrine.

Iolite is a vision stone. It activates the third eye chakra and facilitates visualization and insight. It stimulates connection to inner knowing. Iolite aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction. Allowing you to express your true self and free yourself from the expectations of others. Iolite creates a strong constituion, Reducing fatty deposits in the body and mitigates the effects of alcohol. A lovely stone with lovely qualities.




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