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VitaJuwel Gemwater Bottle - Wellness-Cosmic Crystal Visions-Cosmic Crystal Visions

VitaJuwel Gemwater Bottle - Wellness

Cosmic Crystal Visions


VitaJuwel Gemwater Bottle - Wellness 


Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds

Height in Inches: 8.5

Diameter in Inches: 2.5

Made Of: Glass - rose quartz - amethyst - clear quartz

WARNING: NOT diswasher safe

Made In: Austria


Since ancient times, crystals elixirs have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties.

Crystals can help heal deep-seated issues, bringing forth good health and greater happiness.

Each crystal has its own unique healing properties — some are best suited for abundance and prosperity, while others are better for love, relationships and harmony, or even protection and shielding. 

PURE, PLASTIC-FREE DRINKING: Reusable, non-toxic and eco-friendly glass design provides pure tasting water.

✅ Lead-free 
✅ BPA free
✅ Borosilicate Glass Bottle
✅ Food Grade Stainless Steel Caps
✅ Reusable

✅ Handmade

 This well-balanced composition has already been used for several hundreds of years to inspirit water by countless people all around the world. 

Experts claim that amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions. Rose quartz fosters tranquility and harmony. Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception. 

As a combination, they’re used for their wonderfully invigorating effect. GemWater prepared with this harmonic blend is the best “everyday water”. 

Most customers find it to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure, with which VitaJuwel blend to start your collection, choose this one.


Quite simply, it's any water enlivened by gemstones. By the time water gets to us through municipal systems or plastic containers, its natural vitality and structure becomes dulled and muted. 

Each product incorporates a sealed glass gempod or vial filled with a unique gemstone blend, providing a convenient and hygienic way to transform everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water into gem-water in just 7-10 minutes. The unique gem blends are designed to transform your water and support your mind, body & spirit.


Gemstones actually possess powerful physical properties. Many spiritually-minded gemstone lovers will know that, for millennia, that energy has been harnessed in sacred and naturopathic practices across various cultures including ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. And even if that’s too woo-woo for you, think about the use of quartz crystal to sustain a very precise frequency that is used in clocks and watches! Everything emits a vibration that we are naturally receptive to! While the metaphysical scope of their power may be open for interpretation (we're true believers by the way), the fact is, tasting is believing it works! What people experience on their palate is often described as a ‘softer’ texture and ‘cleaner’ taste.

If you begin to engage yourself with the mysteries of water, you’ll very soon come across one name: Dr. Masaru Emoto. No present-day scientist has studied the true nature of water more intensely than the recently passed, and greatly missed, Japanese researcher and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water.” Crystal images by Dr. Emoto‘s HadoLife laboratory (at right) verified that water treated with VitaJuwel gem vials regains its original, natural energy and thus is comparable to fresh spring water.



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